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Eneco One Party

Colours are purest on a white canvas. At the Eneco One Party, Fast Forward's canvas was a spotless white event on which Eneco's company colours were unleashed. Two target groups, that's double the party at Eneco, one for the sales contacts and one for its own employees. The theme was the same for everyone: We Are One. In a spirit of togetherness, the guests, who were dressed in white, entered a white setting. They were given a white cocktail and white snacks. Colour was added to the party after the CEO's speech. The Eneco colours, red, orange and yellow erupted from the stage during a dazzling opening show. In the second room the guests enjoyed the Festival of Colours, with various colour booths: a make-up booth, a women’s hair salon, a barber shop, a tattoo booth, a flower booth with red, yellow and orange flowers, and food trucks for a real festival atmosphere. On the first day Soulbrothers and Pat Krimson looked after the beats, on the second day Cookies & Cream took over. On their return home, everyone was given a sunflower, a floral reminder of the ‘Eneco Grows’ campaign.





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