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Floraliën 2016

“Flowers always brighten up the house. So why not fill the city with flowers?” Fast Forward rose to the challenge and provided the right logistical potting soil so the prestigious Ghent Floralies would flourish. This past Friday, the buds finally opened to the public. Since then, the Floralies have flowered and you may already have smelled the roses. If not, you still have an opportunity to do this until 1 May 2016.

And naturally these plants don’t just adopt a formation by themselves. No no, we needed a carefully-developed choreography for this. One that Fast Forward spent 1.5 years developing, after which it kicked off a 30-day monster production of allocating a place to each and every plant. Some look resplendent by themselves, while others are incorporated in state-of-the-art installations. Four locations in Ghent’s historic city centre were immersed in a world of animals, and especially vegetation... With loads of plants.

These four locations are the junctions along the trail, which starts and ends in Saint-Peters Station. 4.91 km of trees point you in the right direction. Each telling their own story. And thanks to modern technology, you can actually hear them too.

On the Bijloke Site you get to shake hands with the Azaleas and bow to the Bonsais. This is also where Belgium welcomes this year’s guest country by showcasing all its assets.

The Leopold Barracks bring age-old mythological stories to life again. With colossal trees, fantastic figures, tree horoscopes and a 225 sq.m. labyrinth of laurel trees adding to an already magical experience.

Sint-Pietersplein has been transformed into a floral Delorean. Here you can find out more about the meaning of gardens in the past, and learn about new plant varieties and the use of new techniques in horticulture.

Citadel Park provides the perfect setting for the exhibition "Flower Power". Here the relationship between nature, art and ecology is expressed in a floral tribute.

Discover the logistical wonders that Fast Forward has performed on behalf of the 2016 Floralies.





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