How come Fast Forward?


No matter what event you are planning, nothing is too far-flung, too crazy or too arduous for Fast Forward. We construct the planning puzzle, take care of the necessary transport, provide the required materials, take care of the promo teams, etc. In a word, all the hassle is for us.


Fast Forward is more than just an executive element in the realization of your event. We are just as capable when it comes to campaigns, consumer marketing, creative strategies or image building. And that's why we always think along with you.


The customer pays, so the customer is also entitled to transparency at any time and at any stage of the realisation. In other words, what we are doing, what costs are being incurred, who or what is being brought in, what requires extra attention or adjustment.

Hands on

If Fast Forward didn't sound so good, then hands-on probably would have been our company name. We are thinkers, but above all doers, which is an undeniable requirement in the hustle and bustle world of event marketing. He who doubts stays behind.


Deadlines are sacred for Fast Forward. Timing is everything. Once you hire us, we take that engagement extremely seriously and you can count on everything being planned, transported, assembled and disassembled on time.

Click Logic meets magic or one of the parts on our brain.


Sell products and capture markets by attaching a sentiment. Excitement, humour, happiness, exclusivity… To know that you don't have to be a marketing person yourself. An event is the most direct form of marketing and elicits instant emotion from the target group.


Whether a creative event, brand activation or company party, Fast Forward never switches to automatic pilot. Every event deserves an original approach, be it based on an idea from the customer or if we’ve been given carte blanche.


Creativity is the key word at Fast Forward in everything we think (about) and do. Creativity is synonymous with imaginative or inventive, but also in forging the perfect alliance between budget, idea and execution.


Dynamics is movement, speed, power. In other words, Fast Forward. We listen to your needs but prefer not to hang around too long in the deliberation stage. Not that we rush into things, but action is after all one of our core skills.

Out of the box

Getting events up and running also demands nerve and derring-do. Now and then, don’t give a toss about conventions. That’s why out of the box thinking (and doing) is not just an empty term at Fast Forward, but a philosophy as well as a daily necessity.

Compare us with a brain. Just like human brains, Fast Forward has two separately functioning and at the same time interacting halves. The left half is logical, practical, focused on detail, realistic and rational, while the right half focuses on imagination, risk, fantasy, emotion and impulse. And this analogy says it all. The Fast Forward Service is the perfect pact between left and right. Logic meets magic. Logic ensures a flawless practical realisation of your idea; magic attaches a smile and a tear, an experience, a sentiment to your brand, product or service.

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Our crew

Logic meets magic also applies just as much for members of our team, a colourful mix of notoriously strong characters. This produces sparks, but these sparks often kindle a flame that develops the necessary energy to propel your event to new heights.

Creativity mixed with dynamics, commercial feeling, work ethic, commitment, professionalism and a touch of lunacy: those are the ingredients of the Fast Forward cocktail. And in recent years, that unique blend has received countless awards, including international awards and a number of Benelux Event Awards.

Sarah Haelterman

Management Assistant

Pascal Cauwelier

Creative director
direct +32 9 216 85 41

Mathias Kerckhof

Managing director
direct +32 9 216 85 42

Julie Van de Capelle

Management, Marketing & Communication Assistant

Ellen Cochuyt


Evita Janssens

Account Director

Jelle Leplae

Account Director

Jef Depret

Project Manager

Iwein Willems

Warehouse Manager

Stijn Vandamme

Event Hero - Logic Support

Annelies Vercruysse

Project Manager

Louise De Witte

Jr. Project Manager

Project Manager

Yannick Lafere

Project Manager

Logistic Support

Xavier Englebert

Project Manager

Our warehouse

Since the start of 2014, we are housed in new headquarters that include 2000m 2 of storage space, the natural habitat of our two fulltime warehouse managers and the heartbeat of our logistics and planning system.

total surface area
Fulltime warehouse managers

Our Infrastructure

In order to enable the five parts of the Fast Forward brain to function, we have our own vehicle fleet –including delivery vans- and if necessary, we use external hauliers.

Our awards

The blend of logic and magic hasn’t done any harm to Fast Food in recent years. On the contrary, we amassed an impressive account portfolio full of resounding names, as well as a glittering trophy cabinet full of awards. That they can’t take away from us, just like the shiny gloss of the honour that reflects on us.


Samsung is worth its weight in gold

Thanks to Ketchum Samsung Electronics Belgium won the Gold Sabre Award at the Sabre Awards EMEA, one of the biggest prize awards in the field of PR, marketing and communication. Samsung was given the gold for the memorable A Pear For An Apple campaign, when the tech company gave away free pears after a social media stunt free in Bruxelles-Nord to support Belgian pear farmers following the Russian trade embargo.

Fast Forward was responsible for production and logistics, which means it also had a part in this lauded PR promotion.


Fast Forward collects (more) BEAs

In Belgium, authors seek a Golden Book Owl, footballers compete for the Golden Boot and musicians dream of MIAs. And for event makers a BEA (Benelux Event Award) is the icing on the cake. Not only do these awards put the most inventive, hot or striking events very much in the spotlight, they also provide a major contribution to innovation in the sector. 


Fast Forward wins BEAs

NEWSFLASH! Yesterday evening Fast Forward won several awards at the Benelux Event Awards, or the BEAs in short. Better still, Fast Forward is the only event agency to win three “Event Oscars”. Here is the roll of honour: the VTM Familie picknick and Expedition Carglass were good for bronze, the silver went to Maes Unscene.

Do something together?

We are thinkers but above all, we are doers, which is an undeniable requirement in the hustle and bustle world of event marketing.

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