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Fast Forward is Fostplus logistics partner

Fostplus is the organisation in charge of collecting, sorting and recycling household packaging waste in this country. We Belgians are already very good at sorting in our homes, thanks to the efforts made by Fostplus.

But the organisation has also been encouraging the right reflex outside the home for years, too, specifically at events and festivals. Enter Fast Forward, the Fostplus logistics partner for around thirty major events across the country, including Dour Festival, Couleur Café and the Special Olympics. Planning, contacts with customers and/or organisers, transport, just say the word. In addition, Fast Forward checks on site to see that everything is running as it should: use and placing of containers and communication material, deploying the eco team and activity leaders, … and the sorting itself, of course. Because that is and remains the main mission of this clean partnership!

Posted on 07-06-2015

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