Fast Forward wins a Silver & Press Award

Because the principal Belgian advertising agencies do not shy away from healthy competition, every year they compete in the so-called BOAs, the Best Of Activation awards.

These BOAs are an initiative of the ACC, an association of renowned domestic communication companies. They reward the most effective and/or creative activation campaigns launched over the past year at Belgian consumers. On 4 May the BOAs for the 2010 advertising year were presented. Guess which beer brand can be found between big hitters such as Studio Brussel, Chiquita and Eurostar on the roll of honour? Yes indeed, Maes. How was this made possible?

Seamless teamwork of brewery Alken-Maes, TBWA, Vizeum and – last but not least – Fast Forward. The boundless inventiveness shown by each of these players in his field of expertise took Maes beer to unparalleled heights in 2010. In fact the tone had already been set in 2009, when Maes won a best of the best BOA, among others, for the Zet Een Bak Voor Je Raam – promotion, which was also supported by Fast Forward. All together: congratulations and cheers!

Posted on 03-05-2011

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