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Taking out the trash with Mooimakers

Waste belongs in the rubbish bin, everyone agrees with this. Right? Wrong! In Flanders alone 17,500 tonnes of litter are dumped every year. The cost to clear all this rubbish up amounts to 61 million euros – yes, that means for you, the tax-payer. Fast Forward decided to stop beating around the bush and to do something about it.


More specifically by supporting the Mooimakers awareness campaign of OVAM (the Public Waste Agency of Flanders) and Fost Plus. Concept: tour Flanders with a public living room. The idea behind it: you don't leave litter in your own living room, so why would you in public spaces? All this under the motto of Make yourselves at home. Rock ‘n’ roll awareness in other words – are you surprised Fast Forward was won over immediately?

Our job? Draw motorists' attention. By putting LDV United's campaign material in visible locations at service stations. It showed drivers how far the next rubbish bin was. The message was clear: trash forward!

And there's more: we also sent three teams on a mission to talk to people filling up their cars at service stations about the problem of litter. If they filled out a short survey, they were given a small rubbish bin for in the car. As many as 15,000 were given away, in 50 service stations. Fast Forward does not believe in half measures!

Posted on 26-09-2017

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