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On December 13th we took our clients, partners and colleagues on the trip of a lifetime. In honour of our 15th birthday we created The Wicked Lab, a genius, insane, unforgettable experience. Or as we like to call it: a classic Fast Forward event. To welcome our guests we invited our friend Dr Wicked and his team. Together we turned Radar into a crazy lab, a thrill ride, a joyous carnival.

Photobooths that shocked those who dared to take a seat, dangerously good cocktails and sick tunes: that’s the formula for an unforgettable night. Throw some good food and original acts in the mix and you’ll end up with massive post party blues, like we did. We created the ultimate combination of #logicmeetsmagic (or should we say #logicmeetschemistry?) to thank everyone for the last 15 years. Thanks to everyone who stuck with us since 2004 and to everyone who joined us along the way. We’re so ready for 15 more!

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