Fast Forward Events | Mathias and Pascal vs. sporty kilometres

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Mathias en Pascal vs. sportieve kilometers

A better world, that’s what we all want, don’t we? Fast Forward is no different. Not only do we dream of litter-free beaches, but also of a world in which cancer is chucked out with the trash.

That is also the dream of Erik Wood, who this year organized MICELLORCA for the third time. The sports initiative takes place every year in sunny Mallorca. Since 2017, bike lovers from the events industry have travelled to the Spanish island to burn up the road for three days. What originated from sporty ambitions, grew into a fundraiser for cancer research in 2018. That resulted in an overwhelming 46.000 euro. Organizer Erik Wood, CEO of Eventonline, faced the horrible disease himself. Raising money for the Stichting tegen kanker (Foundation against cancer) hence came naturally. The fact that he was able to combine this with his favourite sport, his favourite island and his beloved MICE industry, motivated him even more.

Our sporty managing directors Mathias and Pascal once again enthusiastically participated in the fundraiser. On 13 March, together with 23 participants from the events industry, they set off for this intensive edition. Three days and three tough climbs later, they returned, tired but satisfied. Because the distance between dream and reality had gotten a little shorter again.

Those who want to, can still donate here for #MICELLORCA19.

Wouter Noerens of Say Cheese took pictures of every happy moment. Enjoy!

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