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And, what kind of Mooimaker are you?

To be a Mooimaker (someone who makes things clean and pretty) or not, that is not the question. Not anymore. Everyone is doing their bit in their own way to make Flanders clean again! Mooimakers’ question for this summer hence is: “What kind of Mooimaker are you?”. All through the summer you will find Mooimakers at the festivals. Fast Forward created two festival stands with a single goal: have as many people as possible promise they would throw their garbage in the bin.

For the kids we used a nerve-racking game, ‘Nerve spirals’. Bring your can to the bin without touching the spiral! Those who solemnly promised not to throw garbage to the floor, were renamed to ‘I-will-not-share-my-cookies-mooimaker’ with a matching cookie tin. Adults could have their picture taken with one of the campaign images. With a single click on the tablet they promised to, from now onwards, throw their trash in the bin. Their reward? A tote bag with a window poster in the style of ‘Here lives a no-mess-on-my-doorstep-mooimaker’.

But also outside the festivals awareness needs to be raised. Therefore, the Mooimakers team hit the streets of Werchter with a large supply of window posters and positive vibes. Their message was clear: have fun, enjoy the music, but keep it clean, please!





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