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Autosalon 2023, co-created with Fast Forward!

6 months of preparation and 6 blank halls that we filled with the newest, most beautiful, fastest and sparkliest cars. We created a story with 60 brands, hundreds of cars and lots of Motor Show premieres. So we managed to convince over 270,000 car fans for this exclusive, one-of-a-kind100th edition of the Salon. It was hard work, but it definitely paid off!

Challenge accepted!

Started in 1905, and after a two-year hiatus, the country's biggest indoor event - the Motor Show - was ready for its 100th edition. And that came with a tough challenge: putting the Motor Show back on the map. Or even better: putting the best Motor Show in Europe! After an extensive pitch, FEBIAC chose Fast Forward as its creative and production partner.

With only six months to go until the big day, it was immediately all hands on deck. We worked out a sophisticated strategic plan to ensure smooth cooperation between hundreds of partners and suppliers. With a heavy dose of logic meets magic, a strong team and literally blood, sweat and tears, the doors of Brussels Expo finally flew open for that long-awaited, grandiose 100th edition!

The Grand Opening

With some 70,000 visitors in the first weekend, it was immediately clear that all Belgian car enthusiasts were eager to admire the shiny cars. As a car fanatic, it was therefore impossible to miss our mega offer. Six halls were filled to the brim with 400 brand-new (electric) cars, oldschool and state-of-the-art Formula 1 cars, concept cars and bikes. But it didn't stop there! We went all out for this 100th edition.

The100th Edition Experience

The Patio became the place to be for the 100th Edition Experience: a breathtaking audiovisual exravaganza of lasers and light, created together with Brussels-based artist Antoine Goldschmidt - Magic Street.

For the motoring section, BEHVA and Autoworld provided 15 cars, each of which left its mark on more than a century of mobility. From the first such as the Mercedes-Benz Patent Car and Ford Model T, to the Mini Cooper and Volkswagen Golf, to the electric cars from Tesla and BMW that are on the rise today. The whole thing took visitors on an unseen emotional journey through the history of cars. At the same time, it was a celebration of this 100th edition of the Salon.

Hall 9 - Multi-Facetted Experiences

Hall 9, our Concept Hall. The experience was completed with the prestigious Car of the Year award. That annual awards show is usually organised in Geneva, but this time we got the honour. A first of its kind!

We also provided many impressive immersive experiences. With mouse and keyboard, a PlayStation, a fully equipped racing simulator... the e-gaming zone was one of unprecedented proportions. At Red Bull, in turn, you discovered what it feels like to work in a Formula 1 pit stop, and at the Belgian Air Force you got behind the controls of an F-16 with VR glasses.

The Concept Hall became a mix of entertainment, education and sustainability that added an extra dimension to the Motor Show. Together with Education Village, we took a look at the future of the Automotive sector and Febelauto showed what happens to discarded car batteries from electric cars. Finally, in the Forum Dome, thought leadership keynotes and videos took you on a ride through the constantly evolving Automotive landscape.

No shortage of 'ooh' and 'aah' in our Concept Hall!

See you on January12th 2024 for the next edition of the Motor Show!

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