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Suits and black dresses, Honda celebrates its 40th company anniversary

“Life is a party, dress for it.” It could have been the motto for the company anniversary that Fast Forward put together for Honda. The Japanese car and motorcycle manufacturer blew out 40 candles this year and we provided this milestone with due glamour.

Fast Forward took Honda’s employees and their partners to the roaring twenties and sparkled Great Gatsby style. It was the perfect setting for an exciting trip down the company’s 40 year history. How we got to grasp full attention from the start? Put a 40 year old Civic and a brand-new NSX at the entrance and one enthusiastic comment precedes the next. The dressed up evening came to its climax when cover band Les Truttes won over the audience with a fantastic show. Honda, the power of both dreams and happy employees. After such a successful anniversary, we can state that beyond contestation.





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