Fast Forward Events | Unscene, an unheard-of Maes spectacle!

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Unscene, an unheard-of Maes spectacle!

A music event with a top-secret line-up at an equally mysterious venue? The audience transported to the gig in 73 coaches with blindfolds on? Sounds crazy... Fast Forward has done it.

Over a hectic three month period, Fast Forward, in close co-operation with TBWA and the Maes marketers came up with “Maes Unscene” , an ultra ambitious marketing stunt that was extensively covered in the media and for which tickets could be won. On Saturday 28 May the secret was finally out. The approx. 3000 lucky few were dropped at the Heysel by the Maes buses, where an unparalleled pure Belgian music extravaganza awaited them with home-grown top acts such as Vive La Fête, A Fire and Janez Detd. Not only the music was loudly welcomed, so was the lightshow, a daring feat accomplished by crossmedia company Mojuice using the so-called “3D architectural mapping” technique. This is a scoop for Belgium because it’s the first time it has been integrated in a big show such as this one.
Unseen? Without a doubt. Unforgettable? Absolutely.





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