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How do you start building creative hybrid or digital events?

It was overwhelming, the pace at which event agencies shifted from physical to hybrid or online events in 2020. We made a miraculous switch. But the big challenge for companies today is: how do you start building a good event in the current context?

Today, we are far beyond the webinars that everyone knew in 2019. In 2020, a true evolution occurred: an alternative to a physical event can now take on so many different interpretations. So how do you make the appropriate choice for your event and your target audience?

For years, Fast Forward has known how to perfectly build an event that resonates. The same goes for this renewed approach. With our hybrid concept Digital meets Live, we - Fast Forward and Idee Fiks - focus on the digital part. We give each project our all and run the extra mile. Based on our digital experiences of the past year, we are happy to give you some tips.

Creative events, that's some sleek teamwork

Start by picking a professional team. It does half the job, believe us. A project manager with experience who miraculously blows everything and everyone into the right place at the right time is no luxury!

He or she introduces you to a creative camera and editing crew, to push your event to the highest level. He or she will also introduce you to a digital partner, which is absolutely essential for sending everything seamlessly out into the world. In sum, the right team for the right job.

Brand activation, family day or other creative event? Define your goals and your approach

Generally, the goal is not just to inform, but to engage. How best to achieve that, of course, depends entirely on your audience. What makes them smile?

Discuss the options with your project manager. Whether it's physical, hybrid or online events, they are 100% committed to creative events and will help you make the best choice. Will you choose hybrid or go completely digital? Will you work in a studio, on location or a combination? Your project manager will guide you from A to Z.

Successful and compelling content

Inspiring content and clear structure are the foundation of any successful event. So, think before you act: build a crisp story with sparkling ideas. How do you turn those initial ideas into a successful event? And how do you fold this into a coherent digital form?

Once the story is clear, a digital event needs to be meticulously prepared: a detailed script with every step written out ensures a smooth show. That script sums up everything: guidelines for the director, the scriptwriter, the editors, the camera and editing crew, the speakers, .... Your project manager is the growling watchdog that hangs on with claws and teeth to the story of your event and your script.

Communication and interaction

Before, during and after your event, clear communication with your audience is key: from registration, to live show and chat, to post-event review. Each part is important for a good impression. So give this aspect of your event enough attention as well.

Build in various interaction moments with your audience, it ensures that you keep their attention. And communicate clearly how this interaction will take place, you want to avoid frustration, right?

Online team building sessions are booming, because you can integrate them perfectly and create the necessary team spirit. Rather have a fun assignment beforehand? In combination with an experience box delivered to your home with gadgets, tools or a refreshing drink? That's also possible. As long as you communicate clearly enough how everything works. Forewarned is forearmed, as the saying goes.


Maintaining focus on the screen. And maybe a few distractions around you... Tricky, isn't it? Reward your audience for the effort and conclude with a cool workshop. They will thank you and look back on the whole event in a positive light.

Need some ideas to find the ideal workshop? Your project manager will be happy to guide you there, of course. From A to Z, as we said.

We were already privileged to realize a series of beautiful productions that can serve perfectly as inspiration.

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