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A true celebration of love and music for House of HR

Trendsetting HR group House of HR had some wild plans. Organising a big, bright, bold festival exclusively for all European House of HR employees - known as the Happy Rebels. Result: thousands of attendees from all over the EU, top international acts, a customised app and the host, as happy as the Rebels, Marcel Vanthilt. Did someone say party of the century?

Tease, surprise and trigger through an international campaign

Besides offline communication in all branches, we also spread those happy vibes using the Happy Rebels app. The app acted as an international communication tool, in which we announced the lineup and boosted the enthusiasm thanks to the in-app competition.

Marcel Vanthilt also powered up that enthusiasm with the Happy Rebel Radio, as did the surprise acts that gave all contributors a live taste of the festival. Convinced? Time then to unbox your festival bracelet and complete your look with the Rebel Bandana.

Time to celebrate

On day one, the Rebels arrived very happy, especially when discovering their exclusive glamping spot. Around 1,000 attendees, ready for the party, danced their hearts out.

But it was during the festival that the party really kicked off. A total of about 3,500 people made their way to the stage in Eindhoven. There, they were welcomed by top acts like Goose, Martin Solveig, Bob Sinclar ... The lineup, the festival, the glamping: the Happy Rebels festival was without a doubt a huge success.

Strong employer branding

However, besides being a top event, this was also a strong employer branding campaign. A total of no less than 6,890 employees downloaded the app. The 3,500 festival visitors represented, among others, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Spain, UK ... What a team spirit!


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