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Back to the Middle Ages

Electricity, let alone electro-technical material, was not available in the Middle Ages. But that did not stop Fast Forward from organising a Medieval Family Day for the workers of Cebeo, a leading electrotechnical wholesale trader. At the Groenenberg domain, as many as 855 guests – both big and small - believed themselves to be in Gaasbeek of roughly the year 1516, although our event was a lot more fun and hygienic. It included knights on horseback, wizards, jesters and squires. The afternoon offered all kinds of medieval entertainment such as a falconry show, artisanal workshops and authentic traditional games. And thanks to Idee Fiks, which had provided a children's farm with 70 animals, all kids had the time of their lives. Fortunately the level of the catering was far from medieval, with exquisite sweet snacks in the afternoon and an amazing barbecue in the evening, prepared on three ten meter long smokers. Summer is coming.





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