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Join the Flip side, a breath taking product launch for Samsung

This summer, Samsung launched the new Galaxy Z Flip5 with much fanfare. The 'Join the Flip side' campaign was impossible to miss. Fast Forward provided the big bang with an overwhelming festival stand - or better: a mega festival setup - at Les Ardentes and We Can Dance.

Samsung thought: go big or go home. We pulled out all the stops for a bold, eye-catching and on-brand design. Innovative activations and audience interaction could not be missed either. Unity, community, connectivity and shared experiences. Everything was incorporated in our famous set-up.

The modular container setup housed a very diverse festival line-up. The Selflove side, with its enchanting inifinty experience and the Craft side for ultimate creativity. The Glam side where you could get made up in a fully equipped makeup studio and finally, the Swing side with Flip-shaped swings for extra fun. At the centre of the container setup was the large DJ booth, including an incredible Flip Hero video screen. Need to recover from all that Flip? Then you could relax in Flip-shaped solar seats where you could charge your phone with solar energy.

Bold design and groundbreaking interactions. Samsung proved it was there to win.

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