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Coor 27 Juni 2019 Hr 112

One is none!

It has been two eventful weeks at Coor Belgium! In week one we invited customers for a Project Day @Work. The cocktail we served to the guests contained all the ingredients for success: fine food and exotic drinks, an enthusiastic tour of the renovation Coor had accomplished, crazy illusions, and a great atmosphere.

In the second week, we welcomed some sixty team leaders in the marvellous Blanc Fixe venue. The atmosphere of industrial chic showed up well thanks to the golden combination of the stark location and the straightforward character of the Coor co-workers. On the programme? An afternoon with a bit of ‘work’ and an evening full of ‘play’! It was pretty clear that Coor has a passion for people. Teaming up with Fast Forward, they thoroughly mollycoddled their co-workers: compliments galore, professional portrait pictures and lovely food. Untoppable atmosphere, don’t you think?





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