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Samsung S9 Launch - Studio Tour and Training Tour

As befits a genuine superstar, the newly launched Samsung star went on tour throughout the country. The Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ will be showing the best of itself at different locations on not one but two tours! "The Training Tour was about one thing: experience it yourself! Samsung presented all the latest functionalities to its salespeople in training booths. How good does the new SlowMo function work for example? Film an exploding confetti bomb and check out at the result.

Or how about a demonstration of the beautiful photographs you can make with a dark setting? That is what the special dark room was for. During the second tour, aka the Galaxy Studio Tour, the Samsung Galaxy S9|S9+ was presented in seven different shopping centres. People were able to check out the functionalities of the new device in the booth, and were given a free micro-SD-64GB card on purchasing a device. Coordination and planning with the shopping centers was done by Fast Forward.





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