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BMW. The Story of Luxury.

This is the story of luxury. Or how Fast Forward did their utmost to present the guests of BMW with the very best. Our crew worked no less than three weeks to build the phenomenal stage at BMW Belux’s headquarters in Bornem. Five evenings times 420 guests, plus a crew of 150, you do the math. This is the story of luxury.

Luxury is tasting unique flavours. Which is to be taken literally here. On this occasion, star chefs David Martin**, Cyril Molard** and Roger van Damme* composed an exceptional menu. A five-star diner second to none is what we served at a show that stimulated the senses and immersed the guests in astonishment. That comes as no surprise, with Mojuice (show controller and visualisation), LDP (lighting design), L&L Stage Services (sound and light equipment), Showtex (curtains and stand), Diner Privé (catering), Faek and Levi Party Rental (flowers and furniture) as partners?

Luxury is avant-première. The privileged guests were the first to see the new luxury models that are still top secret for the rest of the public. For their eyes only!

Luxury is BMW. But luxury is also Taittinger champagne, sublime jewelry by Christofle, floors by IVC Beyond Flooring, Leica cameras, Montblanc travel bags, Scabal suits, exclusive apparel by Natan, and luxurious flights with Emirates. Each partner raised the other to a higher level for a top-class event.

Luxury is pushing it to the limit, and both BMW and Fast Forward are familiar with that. A client whom we loved to pull out all the proverbial stops for!





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