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Film Fest Gent Part 42

Cut! The most amazing film festival of Europe and the world has drawn to a close yet again. Film Fest Gent Part 42 has ended. This year again, it was a 12-day cinematic climax, thanks to the impressive cast of (f)actors. The programme, the venues, the concept, the marketing, the communication, you name it. But what goes on behind the scenes also contributes to the production values. Enter Fast Forward, which made its debut this year, providing support and coordinating the VIP logistics.

Vip? 2,300 guests on the opening night. And another 18,000 very important people over a 12-day period. There was plenty to VIP at Film Fest Ghent. So it’s easy to see why Fast Forward scheduled a four-week production period to direct and produce all things logistics - including a red carpet, a VIP village, a reception tent, Cafellini and 2 XL VIP tents! And why it cast its “own” partners as well as the usual festival suspects (AB Inbev, B&C Tents, Coeur Catering, DD Engineering, Digitopia, EFS, Floralies, Kinepolis, Sign and SLV Rent) in this production.



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