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Return of the phoenix

Historic news for the beer lover! From 2020 Grimbergen will, after 200 years, recommence brewing beer in the Grimbergen abbey, in accordance with the age-old traditions of the monks. That memorable announcement was the start of the annual three-day ‘Grimbergen Experience’. Our basic recipe remained the same but was no less legendary: we had a toast with the best beer, relived the history of Grimbergen and overwhelmed the guests with impressive acts. The common thread? Fire!

On day one, the invited press made for the news to spread like wildfire. The following days, the monks accompanied the international customers on a tour of the abbey, beer tasting included. We accompanied the guests to a crackling spectacle with a thrilling blindfolded act and savoury food pairing. And then, the place was on fire! Metaphorically, of course. Because we created the illusion that the venue was all ablaze. For those who didn’t get it yet: the Grimbergen Experience was on fire!





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