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Eneco Clean Beach Cup

In our previous newsletter (Eneco Clean Beach Cup press conference) we already mentioned that litter on the beach is a crime against Mother Earth. On 22 March this was highlighted again when the sixth edition of the Eneco Clean Beach Cup, the Belgian section of the annual high day for beach cleaners, took place. 

And thanks to the eco power of partners Eneco and Ecover, as well as Fast Forward's organisational skills, it was a huge success again. More than 1600 volunteers helped to clear up more than 6.5 tonnes of litter off Belgian beaches! Impressive, don't you think? In any case it was impressive enough to make the national media - VRT and VTM news plus live coverage on StuBru. And it gave us faith that there is hope for our coastline.

Posted on 22-03-2015

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