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Winning Lotto Lockers

Lockers at parties or events? They are as coveted as beer in a pub or snow on a ski holiday. Thanks to Lotto these party lockers are part and parcel at the events organised by Nasty Mondays (Poplife, Kozzmozz, Age Of Love,…) in the Vooruit, Artcube and Eskimofabriek in Ghent.

And they are not necessarily empty because behind 30 of the 200 metal doors you find a surprise. This might be a small gift - scratch tickets, sweets, drink tickets - but you may also find an amazing prize such as headphones, a tablet or a VIP package deal in your temporary storage space! Fast Forward takes care of all the practicalities of the Winning Lotto Lockers, without a shadow of a doubt the best reason ever to arrive at the party with a thick sweater!

Posted on 26-11-2014

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